New Logo

Two years ago, after consulting with mana whenua we adopted our Te Reo Māori name, Te Kura O Tawatawa.  

This name references the name used for this area by Māori prior to European settlement, Tawatawa.  It also gives us a clue as to what the area looked like at that time.... the tawa tree was likely in abundance!  I imagine that lots of huge tawa trees in the area helped to protect the many gardens that were here from the wind.

We are now, at last, working on a new logo that will reflect both our English name and our Te Reo Māori name.  This work has been delayed and slowed, largely because it was one of the first things to "fall off" when we got busy with COVID-19.

Our final design is not quite decided but I've pasted below a couple of the "nearly there" designs and if you'd like to comment you are welcome to get in touch.


In coming to this design we sought to make both names equally important, and not have one that appeared to be an afterthought in small letters at the bottom.  We wanted our logo to suggest something about where we are (on the ridge) as well as link in some way to our current logo (and our history.  That's why we've held onto the ridgeline that is an important element in our current logo.

 While our big blue "R" has been very special to us, and many of us are sorry to say goodbye to it, on it's own it doesn't convey the school that we've grown to be.  An "R" doesn't make sense in our logo anymore as it's not inclusive of our Māori name. 


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