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Learning in French

Ruru La Chouette, our French bilingual class, opened at the start of the 2019 school year. The class has grown, and in 2020 there are 2 teachers for this class.

Who can enroll in this class?

  1. Children aged from 5 - 12 years who speak French fluently.
  2. Children aged 5 - 7 years who speak some French and will supported by French speaking family members (at least one parent who is a French speaker)

Note: Children who do not come from French speaking families may be accepted into the class on a case by case basis, depending on the level of support that their family can provide for them.

Draft criteria for acceptance into the French Class.


FRENZ is a parent-led association which supports New Zealand schools with French bilingual classes by supplying resources, arranging for French teacher aides or "stagieaires" (French speaking volunteers) and providing a network for bilingual families to belong to. It is a requirement of enrollment into Ruru La Chouette that families join FRENZ and make the financial contribution sought which allows the organisation to carry out its work.

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