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Learning to Read


When your child first starts school he or she will learn the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes. As time goes on he or she will learn the sounds that pairs and groups of letters make. At Ridgway we use the Yolanda Soryl Phonics Programme, which introduces the various sounds and letter combinations in a structured way. After 2 years at school your child will probably know how to spell a range of high frequency words and will be able to make phonetically correct approximations of other words they want to use in their stories.

From Year 2, your child is likely to be given spelling words to learn. These may be taken from lists of high frequency words or from your child's personal vocabulary (i.e. words that your child uses when speaking or writing). You can help your child be successful in writing by helping them to learn their spelling words each week. The Essential Spelling Lists are made up of the most frequently used words in the English language and it's important that all children master the spelling of these words.


Learning to correctly form all the letters of the alphabet is one of the foundation skills that children learn in their first few years at school. Ask your child's teacher for an example of how they teach children to make each letter so that you can support your child to develop good handwriting skills.

Students from Year 4 - Year 8 often use Google Docs to complete their written work. They will still practice writing by hand, but will also learn some touch typing skills.

Ridgway School Library

Students can borrow books from our school library and also from the eBook Collection that we subscribe to. Go to our library page to find out how.

WCC library link

Link to the Public Library website to the kids area: www.wcl.govt.nz/kids/

Mountain Bikes “Go, go, go!” screams the starter.

“Oh.my.gosh.” I head-say.

“He’s going to do it!!!!” cheer the crowd.

Tsuuuuuuuuuuu… goes my bike.

Chi, chi, shi, chi… goes the dirt under my bike.

Handle brake grinding,

Sweat oozing down me like a snail,

Mouth parched with fear like a dry desert.

Rushing wind soaring past me, whispering “you can do it!”

Here comes the ledge, I speed up, and flip.

THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie (2017)

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