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Voluntary Donations

Schools are not able to charge compulsory fees for core curriculum related activities or to supplement the funding provided by the government. The board do request that families make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the quality education provided at Ridgway School. Parents who make such voluntary donations are able to claim tax rebates from the IRD.

General Voluntary Donation

This donation allows us to provide the extras to offer a full and varied curriculum. It helps to pay for art supplies, science equipment, PE gear and teaching resources.

In 2017 the board have requested the following amounts be paid as a voluntary contribution:

Voluntary Donation amounts
Family Payment per term per year
One child $60 $240
Two children $108 with 10% discount $432 with 10% discount
Three children $162 with 10% discount $648 with 10% discount

Please note that the amount requested has remained unchanged since 2013.

  • Our preferred method of payment (for any voluntary donation or elective payment) is by internet banking, using our bank account number 03-0510-0741239-00. Be sure to put your child’s name and the nature of the payment on the transaction, for your records and our own. Please advise the office of your internet payment, by emailing office@ridgway.school.nz with details of your child’s name, class, amount and the item being paid.

Financial Reports

Our audited financial reports can be downloaded.





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