Photo of girl student


Graduate Profile

Ridgway graduates are responsible, respectful, resourceful and resilient.  They...

know what to do and how to do it

    • work independently 

- ready to learn
- manage own time
- prioritise 
- meet deadlines
- will find out what they need to know
    • demonstrate student agency

- identify own learning needs
- set own learning goals
- actively follow personal learning interests
    • think critically

- ask questions
- reflect on learning and achievements
- learn from experiences
    • understand the social rules and protocols for different places

- use good manners
- will ask, “How are you?” “Can I help?”

look for opportunities to step in, step up, and support others
    • take on responsibilities and see these through

    • show initiative in all things

    • come up with own ideas and act on them

    • do their best

    • contribute, collaborate and share

    • work for the good of their community and environment

show empathy, tolerance and appreciation
    • seek to understand others’ perspectives and ways

    • are gracious

    • demonstrate  gratitude

    • consider the impact of their behaviour on people, animals and the environment

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