Our Mission, our Values, and our Vision

Our mission is to nurture our tamariki to become confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.

Ridgway Learning for Life

Our core values are respect, resilience, resourcefulness and responsibility.

Our vision is for our students to beRESPECTFUL of themselves, others, & the environment;
RESILIENT, persistent, & maintain enthusiasm in all circumstances;
RESOURCEFUL, creative & adaptable, they think critically to solve problems;
RESPONSIBLE, motivated to learn & act for the well-being of themselves and the community.

During our Positive Behaviour for Learning launch in 2014 we sought input from our community to decide on 3-5 words which best described the values we wanted our children to develop. Students, parents, and school staff all listed the words which they felt were most descriptive of who we wanted to be. The PB4L team then took these words and organised them into lists of words that shared similar meanings. After much debate and discussion we were able to distill the ideas and concepts that were represented in these lists of words down to the 4 things which are most important to us. These 4 things are represented by the words respect, responsibility, resilience and resourcefulness. We've adopted these four words as our core values, and they guide how we do things at Ridgway School.

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